Hidden Mac Gem: DigitalColor Meter

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Latest Hidden Mac Gem: DigitalColor Meter

Techcrunch article:  “So what makes DigitalColor Meter so special?”

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Article from Techcrunch:

“I’ve been using a Macintosh computer for a few years now, but just a few a weeks ago, I decided to look in my Utilities folder, one of those spur of the moment kind of things.

I found the regular utilities like Activity Monitor, Airport Utility, Console, and Migration Assistant, but what I just stumbled on was something that has saved me so many times from that point on. DigitalColor Meter. Apple likes to secretly tuck away their best utilities in folders that people will most likely never end up using.

So what makes DigitalColor Meter so special? The app does a lot of things, but what I found most useful was the ability for me to hover over any pixel on my screen, and to find out the exact RGB value (read up on RGB here).

This is a great tool that I’ve used in many scenarios with great success. For example, my Twitter background was all done through DigitalColor Meter, since I knew the colors I liked, but I just needed their RGB values. So, I whipped open DigitalColor Meter, it told me the RGB values, and bam — I have a new custom-colored Twitter background.

If you want check out DigitalColor Meter in action, check out the video I did below detecting TechCrunch’s RGB colors all over the site.”

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