Are private forums really private?

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Just how private is our information on forums?

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Question from Janice:

Hi Teena,

One quick question? I’m about to build a memberships site for folks with addiction. How can we be assured that what goes on, on that site, stays on that site?

It will be anonymous and in WordPress with Wishlist, but can there be guarantees that forum info isn’t made public?

Teena says …

Hi Janice, I can’t say whether there’ll be 100% privacy on your forum – the only folks who can guarntee that are the developers of the software.

Why not contact Wishlist and ask them direct? They will have had the question before I’m sure.

You can also contact and see what they have to say.

All I know is that I’ve had alerts to show me my own ‘private’ forum communications plastered on the internet – so I’m cautious about what I post these days 🙂


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