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Who’s behind BuildAWebsiteTonight.com?

To know about Teena Hughes and BuildAWebsiteTonight.com we need to go back to 2002 when Teena realised there was a huge gap in the market for so many people wishing to own a website, but not knowing how to go about it on a small budget.

Many other companies were charging an arm and a leg [ouch!] and Teena saw an opportunity to help people with a limited budget.

The idea to provide simple websites using automated online website builder technology was a bright one – a real do-it-yourself solution, point and click, so easy even an adult could do it. From mums at home to artists, students, small business owners – everyone was able to create a website with no experience, in no time at all. The concept took off and clients from around the world started building their sites and buying their domains and hosting through BuildAWebsiteTonight.com.

“so easy even an
adult can do it!”

We have several website options which provide excellent cost-effective business solutions.

As the business has expanded, Teena has introduced a Content Management System to create robust custom designed professional websites, available to be updated 24 hours a day with secure password-protected logins.

The breakthrough with this technology is that now the website owner has total control and does not need to rely on anyone else to be available to make website updates or changes.

The website builder technology and the video tutorials created by Teena takes “newbies” (new website owners) by the hand and walks them through everything they need to know about building a website, from working out the best niche, to finding and using the best keywords for each webpage.  Search engine optimisation [SEO] is explained and our CMS solutions allow you to add SEO to every single page of your website, which is extremely important.  By using SEO you can create streams of targetted traffic which improves dramatically if all the suggested website steps are followed exactly.  These are packages which have it all – no more paying a webmaster to do updates, you will be in total control of your own website.

We provide other services including stand-alone hosting, domain registration, consulting (short-term and on Retainer), online management and creation of questionnaires and surveys, online newsletter implementation, and photo gallery creation to name a few. Small business mentoring is also provided by us to help businesses focus on what they’re best at.

Our team are specialists in their fields, very capable of helping clients understand technology and put them at ease.

Have a question? Please contact Teena today for down-to-earth explanations of how we can help you.

PS – We’re located in Melbourne, and we have clients throughout Australia and overseas – we provide services in NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, NT, ACT, WA, SA, New Zealand to Iceland to France, the USA and anywhere someone lives who needs a website 🙂

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